Chronic Joint Pain?

Do you suffer from joint pain? If you do, you're not alone, as this is a common problem for 15 million other adults. Fortunately, many people with joint pain have found relief by getting a total joint replacement. As a result, they're able to get back to a pain-free life and enjoy their everyday activities. Here's what you need to know about total joint replacement and why you should choose Boise, Idaho surgeon Dr. Miers Johnson, to do the procedure.

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What is Total Joint Replacement?

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure that involves removing damaged or arthritic joints and replacing them with metal, ceramic or plastic devices known as a prosthesis, which are made for replicating healthy, regular joint movements.

By getting a new joint, you can significantly reduce your pain or may even be pain-free. Your joints will be able to work normally, again, and you can enjoy a full range of motion. Therefore, it will be much easier to walk and perform your everyday tasks. Some people can even play sports, such as golf, cycling, and other low-impact ones that they couldn't do before their surgery.

What Diagnosis is Treated with Total Joint Replacement?

A total joint replacement procedure is usually done for people who've been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or joint pain, which is the degeneration or inflammation of the joints. Besides knee replacements and hip replacements, total joint replacement procedures are also available for the elbow, shoulder, and other joints.

What Happens During Total Joint Replacement?

The first step is your surgeon removing the damaged or diseased bone in your joint while not touching the healthy bone. Next, your surgeon replaces the joint that's been removed with a prosthesis. The prosthesis can be constructed of metal, ceramic, or plastic. The type of material depends on the kind of joint that's being replaced.

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What is Recovery Like for Total Joint Replacement?

  • Recovery and rehabilitation depend on the individual.
  • Most people can get back to their normal activities in about six weeks, although it can take as long as four to six months to recover fully.
  • A considerable part of recovery is physical therapy. Your therapist works directly with you and your doctor to determine the specific types of exercises and treatments designed to restore strength to your new joint.
  • Most patients have some temporary pain in their replaced joint because the surrounding muscles have been inactive. As your body adjusts to your new joint, the tissues start to heal, and the pain resolves in about a few months.
  • Restrictions can depend on the type of surgery, so you need to consult your doctor. Some basic rules include those, such as don't climb stairs without support.
  • Remember to go up on your "good" leg and down on the "bad" leg.
  • Don't drive until you've had your first post-op appointment.
  • Don't lift heavy items.

Why Choose Dr. Miers Johnson for Total Joint Replacement?

Dr. Miers Johnson has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years in the Boise and Nampa, Idaho area and has an excellent reputation and positive reviews for giving high-quality care. Dr. Johnson is affiliated with several area hospitals. He has the latest equipment and treatments and treats each patient with the utmost care. He is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in arthroscopy and total joint replacement.

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Why Choose Dr. Miers Johnson for Total Joint Replacement?